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Ante Lacman – Hvar Tours DMC CEO & founder

Nothing quite beats local knowledge in tourism, but even more so when it comes to the sea. Sailing is in Ante’s blood, and he knows each wind, each bay and hidden cove in the region, and is happy to share this knowledge with his guests. He comes from an old Hvar sailing family, and his grandfather for many years was the main supply chain for the entire island, sailing to Trieste and many points on the mainland.

That local knowledge and passion for the sea have combined to produce some of the best tours in the region. Together with partner Tomi Šego, Ante introduced the first proper speedboat tours, including to the Blue Cave. These have been so successful that it did not take others long to copy…

A local boy and Blues fanatic, Ante has expanded his DMC agency business and now owns one of the best regional DMC business for corporate events. Game of Thrones themed dinners on location, international car launches, incentive travel for groups of 650 including concerts in historic buildings. If it can be done, Ante will get it done. And if it can’t be done, he will still get it done.

Ante is, above all, a Foranin, a Hvar Town local. He knows his island intimately, as well as all its characters. A passion for food and wine on this outstanding gourmet island, whose Mediterranean diet is protected by UNESCO, led him to turn his passions into a thriving business. From marriage proposals in romantic olive groves to private tastings of older vintages with famous winemakers, Ante’s enthusiasm and love of his island will be one of the highlights of your stay. A committed family man in a house full of girls (Amalija, Marieta and Antonia), wife Marijana controls all in this very family business.

Ivana Carić & Ines Fiorentini – Hvar Tours DMC

No DMC could function without a cool and calm operating executive, and Ivana & Ines more than fits the bill. With a proven career in hospitality before Hvar Tours, Ivana international experience and Ines as concierge at biggest Hvar hotel Amfora,  little black book contains every name and number needed for the very best tour experience.

After years in the industry, combined with her considerable personal charm, Ivana and Ines contacts are second to none, which is great news for our clients. That little black book opens many doors other did not know even existed. Ivana & Ines manage their expert team well, including the biggest challenge of all – managing Ante.

Tomi Šego – Hvar Tours & Šego Yachts

Some people have the sea in their blood, and Tomi is no exception. Head of Hvar Tours marine services, Tomi has been on boats since he started walking (and probably before). Continuing the family tradition of being a skipper, Tomi manages the Hvar Tours fleet from his base in front of Hotel Amfora. Tomi’s greatest strength is keeping the boats operational. If there is a problem, he will fix it, allowing us to deliver you the reliabilty you expect from us.


All ours skippers are Hvar natives who know these waters better than anyone. While the main job of a skipper is to drive the boat, our Hvar Tours skippers offer much more. Local knowledge of the sea includes introducing clients to its hidden treasures and coves. Looking for something a little extra which was perhaps not in the original itinerary? Your skipper is your new best friend for the day. And also a friend who knows how to be discreet should you be looking for a little romantic privacy.

Hvar Tours is the ONLY official speedboat partner for Sunčani Hvar Hotels. With the largest and most reliable fleet on the island, many villas and other hotels use Hvar Tours as the transfer company of choice. We are grateful for that trust and take the responsibility seriously, providing a warm, efficient, personalized and reliable service.

The local people

The best tourism experiences, and one of the biggest reasons for the success of Hvar Boat Rent, are the local people. That one local experience is often a highlight of the day, and one of the strengths of the agency is its outstanding local contacts. Because we are from Hvar and grew up here, our local knowledge is unparalleled. We know ever nook and cranny of this coastline and its seas, where to find the best hidden restaurants and beaches, so if you are looking for that something extra, look no further. As the main provider of boats to the Pakleni Islands, Hvar Boat rent & Šego Yachts can also handle bigger groups for special events with a very local flavor.